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Slip and Fall

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In fact, slip and falls can lead to some of the worst types of injuries:  serious head trauma, fractures, concussions, and, in some extreme cases, even death.  Whether you have fallen on ice and snow, water,  or as a result of some other hazardous condition on the premises, it is a property owner’s responsibility to inspect the surface of the floors, parking lot, as well as entrance and exit ways.  If the owner does not inspect the premises, he or she may be held legally liable for your fall. In addition to inspection, a property owner, once he has discovered a hazardous condition, has an affirmative obligation to address the hazard.  If not, the owner can be held responsible. 

If you have fallen, it is pretty normal to be embarrassed.  But ask yourself why you fell.  Was it because of something you did, or,  as is many times the case, was your fall the result of a condition on the property that you did not cause and the owner did not address?


If so, please give us a call.  For many years, we have successfully represented clients who have slipped and fallen on ice, snow, and puddled water.  We look forward to talking to you about what happened and want to inform you about your legal rights. 

Hopefully, you will never be hurt as a result of a fall.  So, in the meantime, if you are at the store, gas station, or anywhere out and about and see a hazardous condition, please do not ignore it!  Go directly to the owner of the facility and report the problem….you might just be saving someone from serious injury, a trip to the hospital, thousands of dollars in medical debt, and many other serious problems. 

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